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Polished Service serves the global hospitality industry providing quality assessment and training on guest experience standards. Our network of professional evaluators consist of seasoned travelers, discerning consumers and local experts. Our trainers have years of experience developing and leading luxury property openings and securing peer recognized ratings. Our reach extends to all corners of the world, and we serve markets both large and small.

We design and implement programs for quality bench-marking, brand compliance, service training and validation through mystery shopping. Our expertise comes from our trainers and inspectors – with collectively over 50+ years of luxury-brand hospitality experience among them. With offices in North America and Asia, we are uniquely positioned to provide optimal services to our clients in these regions.

With Polished Services, you get:

  • Customized measurement programs that fit you.
  • Immediate program deployment.
  • Competitive Set and Industry bench-marking data.
  • Unparalleled support and client care.
  • Proprietary market research and analysis.


Bernie Vasquez, President

Bernie Vasquez found his passion for creating memorable experiences early in his career. In the course of his stellar career, he delivered pizzas and worked in retail in Dallas, Texas, established a reservations department in a charming hotel in Santa Fe, before leading a team to create magical stay experiences as the Head Butler at an upscale mountain resort. Bernie knew what the power of pleasing meant to a business and it fueled his quest to develop exceptional service leaders around the world.

Bernie implemented training systems and analyzed service as a mystery shopper across the USA, Caribbean, Canada, Asia and South America. He drove service cultures to higher, more emotionally connecting levels, at multiple luxury destination resorts, before joining the Forbes Travel Guide. As Director of Education and Talent Development, he was a member of the opening team for the 3,000-room Cosmopolitan Resort, and led the development of Service Essential SOPs for all departments and hosted culture rallies for each division as it welcomed new team members to the resort. Prior to this opening, Bernie was the Director of Service Culture for the re-branding of the 1,400-room Tropicana Las Vegas Resort, where he spearheaded a service culture transformation at one of the most famed properties on the Strip. Bernie and his team worked to ensure a culture of continuous growth via inspection and development programs that elevated guest and team member satisfaction. He was also the Director of Service Excellence for two MGM Grand properties, and assisted both hotels in achieving a Four- and Five-Star designation.

As the Forbes Executive Trainer for Asia Pacific, Bernie initiated Five Star training at multiple luxury resorts in Australia, Morocco, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Korea and Malaysia. In this capacity, Bernie worked with many of the world’s most prestigious luxury hotels and resorts, implementing brand standards and management training initiatives, assisting these properties to achieve their Four- and Five-Star designations. He has enhanced Five Star legacy in power markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and London. In the course of his career, Bernie has inspired thousands of budding and seasoned service leaders, helping them deliver stronger, more consistent guest experiences.

Bernie’s goal at Polished Service is to provide highly personalized training to any sized organization that has a passion to grow its’ business. Polished Service culture building programs are accessible, flexible and customized to fit the organization, market, culture and goals.

Bernie obtained his MBA in Management from New Mexico Highlands University and his BBA in Marketing from the University of North Texas. He has held board positions for the American Society for Training & Development in both Hawaii and Las Vegas.



Feedback allows companies to know how they are doing at a point in time. Feedback helps individuals and departments grow the experiences they provide.

For feedback to be helpful, it must be detailed and specific. It must provide reliable data, explain what was accomplished, and highlight opportunities for improvement.

Our Validate program provides property leaders this valuable feedback.

Polished Service shoppers who evaluate are highly skilled, and well trained to present you with actionable insights. Our shoppers periodically test the experience and provide rich data on how the service artists made us feel, if the ambiance was inviting, and if anything stood out as special, interesting and unique.

We collaborate with property leaders to set the testing elements. Comprehensive, edited reports are promptly returned to allow for coaching and recognition. Polished Service trainers assist with follow up training efforts.


Great service experiences can only be created by enthusiastic individuals. Engaged service professionals understand the situation and know which solutions, words and actions to draw upon to ensure the emotional connection to the guest is optimized.

A manager or supervisor is not always required to assist and fewer issues will arise when a staff member is confident about how they respond to the guest.

Special, our Engagement Workshop program creates energizing thought-provoking programming that reinforces basic guest service rituals, problem resolution strategies and teambuilding practices.

We ensure the workshop aligns with internal methodologies and messaging.  We test the culture to gain understanding of the strengths and opportunities for growth. We collaborate with property leaders on training that is culturally sensitive, reinforcing, yet challenging to build new skills and abilities to emotionally connect with guests. 


Developing highly-skilled trainers across the organization is smart from a business and operations perspective.

Great experiences are not left to chance, much thought and preparation needs to be put into ensuring the moments of truth are flawless.

Guest needs evolve, menus change, department processes morph and staff need to be enlightened in a constructive way. Having well-skilled trainers in each department increases the consistency in which information is disseminated and transferred.

Certify, our Trainer Certification program, is a practical seminar that requires participants to train from a prepared lesson plan and receive coaching from our experts. Through theoretical and hands-on training methods the trainer learns succinct methods to train in pre-shifts, department meetings and when onboarding a new hire.

After completion of 3 successful training sessions, the trainer is awarded a Certification.


Sometimes intensity is required. A restaurant or spa may be in danger of losing designation, or the social media feedback and guest commentary reports are not strong.

Instill, our Immersion training is an intensive examination process conducted in an identified area. It includes training, personalized coaching, observations, testing and a final report to the property leadership.

A Polished Service expert conducts a thorough evaluation of a restaurant, spa, department or experience. They meet with the team in dedicated sessions to practice basic and advanced guest service enriching techniques. The Polished Service expert trains managers on how to detect strengths and opportunities. Pre-shifts are observed and bolstered for effectiveness. The Immersion process is intimate, allowing leaders and staff to brainstorm with experts about best practices experienced around the world.


Fantastic service experiences are orchestrated. People are always at the foundation of memorable guest service experiences, and need to understand high touch standards at their deepest levels to perform consistently. However, confident service only emerges with practice and a heartfelt passion to make an encounter flawless.

Refreshing important rituals and engaging staff in simulations helps build their performance muscles. In strengthening of practices, they gain confidence. Guests remember the experience as a positive impression of the service provider and overall service culture of the organization. Fellow staff appreciate the high standard and learn how they can intensify their interactions. The entire company benefits from having its most important rituals mapped out and practiced to a high touch standard level.

For Orchestrate, a training plan is developed jointly with property leadership. Staff are scheduled into simulation blocks where they practice expected behaviors. In a hotel, simulations may include how to room the guest, welcome guests at the pool, bring the bar experience to life or retrieve the vehicle in valet.

Role plays are conducted in small groups and on-the-spot coaching is delivered by a Polished Service expert. The immediacy of the feedback strengthens the next performance, and emotionally connecting activities are reinforced.



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The team culture at Polished Service subtly guides our behaviors. It is an implicit trust in people to forge invaluable relationships by creating an emotional connect with our various stakeholders.

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